Every contribution matters…

I look at you, my dear,

Brown-eyed, dark hair.

I love you very much,

My sunny girl…

 In October 2012 a miracle happened — our long-awaited babies, daughter Sasha and her brother Daniil, were born. It was a joyful event, but at the same time anxious, and it is still remembered with a sinking heart. Hemorrhage in brain after Sasha’s birth has led to severe complications and serious consequences. Intensive care, struggle for life, diagnoses… Our tiny but very stubborn girl wanted to survive and desperately fought despite fear and pain from the first minutes of her fragile life. A series of endoscopic surgeries on the brain, shunting, checkups… Again struggle. This patient baby with a huge desire to live had so much to overcome during her first year. But she didn’t give up!

 At present the main clinical diagnosis of our daughter is as follows: hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, syndrome of visual disorders, symptomatic epilepsy, and psychomotor retardation. But not going into detail one of the main Sasha’s problems is movement. She can barely hold his head, can’t sit without support, can’t walk or do anything with her hands, for example, grabbing a toy is problematic as her arms badly obey. Every conscious movement is difficult due to reflexes, spastic and hyperkinesia interference. Moreover, the situation is complicated by eye problems. Sasha can see objects not completely, perhaps, in modified form, distorted or not clear. It impedes her to explore the world. But we are working hard and gradually improving. Despite the great victory, which Sasha has won in the struggle for survival, we have to carry out enormous work to achieve positive results. Struggle again… But now, this is a collective effort — parents’ effort, Sasha’s and of those people who are not indifferent to her fate.

 We tried different available options of recovery to move on with Sasha’s development as rehabilitation is the most effective at an early age. The most important is that there are certain improvements in our daughter’s health. Of course, we are moving on not as fast as we would like. Having heard about Glenn Doman’s method and the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) in Philadelphia, we started to collect information and the more we learned, the more we realised that this is exactly what we need! This is the chance for Sasha that we should not miss! Institutes make the individual program for each child and train parents to exercise on their own in house conditions. This program noticeably accelerates the development and rehabilitation of children with physical and other disabilities. Its purpose is to help the children with brain defects physically, intellectually, physiologically and socially.

 Unfortunately, nowadays the treatment depends on money. Rehabilitation of a child with cerebral palsy is a long, painstaking and continuous process. For effective work on Institutes’ programs it is necessary to visit them not less than 2-3 times a year. Only the first two trips cost more than $20000. We are taking note of first two trips because the Institutes’ requirement is that both parents have to undergo the course before coming with the child. For us this sum is huge, because at the moment our family budget is made up of Sasha’s disability pension, benefits and father’s side job at home. We simply don’t have time for something else, because it is entirely devoted to our daughter.  All our life now consists of trips to the specialists: Vojta therapist , physiotherapist, kinesio-taping specialist, speech therapist , osteopath, neurologist, ophthalmologist, neurosurgeon ; regular follow-up examinations , daily self-training using methods of professor Vojta and Castillo-Morales, lessons for the development of vision, hearing , sensation and intelligence.  And that’s not taking into account everyday care of two toddlers, one of whom is special. It requires a lot of time and expenses.

 Fortunately, the world is not without kind people, and a request for assistance meets response in the hearts of relatives, friends and simply indifferent, responsive people. Therefore we address to you! We are addressing with a cry for help, asking to give Sasha a chance to overcome the disease and to become a normal child, a whole person in society. It is difficult, but there is a chance! Please, help us to raise money for Sasha’s treatment and rehabilitation! If you already here, it means that you aren’t indifferent to other people’s problems. Our world continues to live owing to people who are able to understand another’s grief and can help. Support us, friends, we won’t cope without you! We believe that with your assistance Sasha will succeed and get on her feet. We will be grateful for any help! Even if it seems to you insignificant, it might be crucial for Sasha.

 In turn, we promise to report on income and expenses, to share our achievements, news, to upload photos, videos and other information on the website.

 We are very grateful to you for your attention and mercy!



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