Baptized our children on the second day of life. The fear never left our hearts … The doctors did not give us hope .. only faith has helped us through a difficult time. And we thank all those who helped our kids cope with the number one task — to survive! Thank you everyone!

The priest said, after the baptism, so we asked friends and strangers, wrote letters to friends and relatives, so that more people prayed for the health of Alexandra and Daniel. And God heard all of us — children survived. God save all those who prayed for the kids!

Now there is a struggle for a full life and successful rehabilitation Sasha. And we really need your prayer support!

Lord! Hear me! I ask you a little bit .. I pray before the holy icon, protect all those I love. All my relatives and all friends. Bread to feed them and heating … In the hour of his angel went to keep them on the edge of the path. Give them the happiness, joy and peace, and forgive all the sins of refresh. Teach yourself not to lose, teach them to love and forgive. Make it so that those who are dear to me, to live longer on Earth. Lord! I ask for a bit … Preserve all those whom I love!